Dedication to Providing a Safe Workplace

Making workplaces safer, while improving your bottom line

Since the dawn of the industrial revolution—and particularly within the last 50 years— there has been marked, continuous improvement in workplace safety. However, any workplace death or injury is one too many. Having top-of-the-line PPE and well-written safety management procedures simply isn’t enough. The effectiveness of behaviour-based safety processes in reducing incidents and injuries requires one essential ingredient—complete psychological commitment.

Allstate Recruitment is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment to all of its employees and customers. It is our belief that protecting the public and preserving the assets of the company are most important.

All employees and subcontractors are charged with ensuring and maintaining a safe work environment for themselves, their fellow employees, and the clients which Allstate Recruitment serves.

Safety is always at the forefront 

Allstate's priority is the safety and wellbeing of our clients, employees and communities. Underpinned by stringent adherence to safety systems, we continue to create and maintain incident-free worksites. By doing so, we support clients in meeting production and safety targets and assist them realise increased productivity.